Climate change and fire protection

Vivian Maier

How global warming contributes to preserve the fire protection sector.

Nowadays, media tells us a lot about global warming and the thereby occurring major fires. Great many people lose their domiciles or even worse: their lives. At this point, there could arise a controversial but also a security question. Is it possible, that this phenomenon could be responsible for the assurance of the firefighting industry in the future? In the following article this issue will be discussed.

At first, there comes up the example of the Californian city Paradise, where wildfires currently destroyed 117.000 acres of land and killed about 90 people. This is an important reason to think about the future when we have to protect against these fires to save lives.

Due to the high temperatures in this year in many parts of the earth, there’s even the danger of forest fires in Germany. Relating to this, it’s worth mentioning “FPS” which is a wide spread protection company in Germany that prevents fires in great buildings for commercial purposes. Until now the focus is more on data protection and material gods than on human lives. Currently this is the main subject of “FPS”. One reason for this is that companies are able to spend more money than private people.

According to the climate getting dry and there will be more fires. As a result, people want to have a solution to protect themselves and their domiciles better. This means that “FPS” has to introduce a new technology and fire protection solution system for the outside in affected areas, additionally to the already applying inner fire prevention. As this will be a huge and cost-intensive project, it has to be sustained by the affected communities and the government, since there are not only private people who are affected by the fires, but also companies and other establishments.

To sum up, the climate change causes the global warming which, in turn, provokes fires that destroy and even kill. Therefore, a fire protection company like “FPS” has to converse towards introducing new government-supported prevention systems for the outside of areas that are often affected by this phenomenon. Although this is a serious issue, there’s also a positive outcome for “FPS”. If one day every commercial building will be equipped with a fire protection system, the sector will still have enough jobs with the outdoor prevention of wild fires.

This text is from Vivian Maier, a 25 years old student from the BA-Glauchau. She works for works at IBS Industrie-, Brandschutz und Sicherheit GmbH. She is a big drama queen but also born to be a queen.