Connect Smartphones with your work

Hans Rubner

How can you use the mobile phone at work, how can you integrate it into the daily tasks and does it make sense to connect it with the company servers? In this article I will inform you about some positive and negative aspects of the smartphone at work and give my personal point of view.

The progress and the development have already been clarified, now we are going to talk about integration into the world of work. There are many ways to integrate smartphones into the daily work life. For example, by connecting the mobile phone to the company’s file server. Here you have permanent access to all data of the server.

However, there are not only positive aspects. Don’t forget the negative ones. The biggest danger is, that you can easily get access to the data in public networks. If a mobile hotspot is used, it is easy for hackers to read out the data of the device and thus also to read out all the data of the linked server. Personal online communication can also suffer, as a result. When you have everything on your mobile phone, when you don’t have to talk to anyone in person anymore, when you can simply transfer data, working life becomes anonymous. More or less. Another aspect that is not unimportant is that you are always at work. At any time you can see what is happening on the server, retrieve and forward data. So you’re connected 24 hours a day. Connected to work.

But is that always bad? Today everyone wants to pursue a career and earn a lot of money. So, you have to do a lot of work. Furthermore, the collection of new data is much faster. If you receive an email that is important for the company, you simply upload it on the fileserver from home and everyone else can view and work with it. This brings us to the last and most important point. The organization is much easier if you are connected to the server, as mentioned before you can access the server at any time, you always have everything clearly stored, nothing can get lost, no more chaos and no more searching for important data you cannot find. You have everything ready at any time.

This text is from Hans Rubner. He is 19 years old and works for BIV Chemnitz.

He eats everyday chicken, rice with curry. He thinks that’s the perfect meal for the human body.