Digitization in companies

Steffen Gollas

Why do we have to stick to old traditions?

Why do we still have to print everything?

Should we not make operations within our company more efficient? – Don’t we have the duty to do so?

We can improve the work/life-balance of employees just by renewing old procedures like introducing new computer-software or getting all employees on the same level of workflow instead of having the problem that everyone has their own way of handling processes.

Furthermore, this way we have the possibility to make it easier for trainees to learn their companies’ structure more easily and to make fewer mistakes, which by the way apply to everyone.

To get back to my first question, why is it that we still are that conventional?

The main reason is, first of all, that the overall average age in a lot of companies is still pretty high, because it’s hard to gain foothold in our industry branch without having experience.

As a result, it’s hard for older employees to accept new things. Even though they know it’s important to do so, they fear being not able to and further fear the likelihood of getting fired just because of that.

Another point is that most bosses actually don’t see the problem/issue or even decide to ignore it just because of the high financial investment they have to make to renew the IT infrastructure of a company as well as offer training for everyone.

So is it the best step to first change the procedures we do on the computer?

I say yes, and in this sense make a transition to our printing addiction.

Even though we claim to be modern, we still print every little document and still send bills by paper, etc.

It isn’t just another reason for being more efficient but to further be more environmentally friendly and not have chaos of paperwork.

In the end I have to say that we have the duty to be more efficient.

Not just for us and our company but more importantly for our customers as well.

At the point where they give us a contract for a project, we have the responsibility to give them the best possible product / service in a short amount time.

Even though I won’t go further into detail, it isn’t rare that companies lose customers or have trouble with them just because they can’t handle all the paperwork they are loaded with.

And I still don’t get why we deny changing things or taking too much time doing it.

There is no reason for it except a slightly increased cost burden, which will negate over time and even maximize the profit of a company.

Steffen Gollas (Stevie Wanda) wrote this text. He´s a 19 years old student from the BA Glauchau and he speaks english with a berlin-german accent, what makes him sound like a polish guy.