Dual Studies at Bosch TT – A good example of the training of tomorrow’s skilled workers in Germany

Alexander Groß

As we know Germany has always been known as one of the strongest economies in the world. High quality products and developed technologies come from there. But will it stay that way?

Nowadays Germany begin to suffer because of a lack of skilled workers. Out of this fact the country could loose its economic power in a long term period. The consequences are loosing jobs, outsourcing of companys and high investment costs for companys in high skilled workers.

This year I started a dual course of study in the field of „supply and environmental technology“ at Bosch TT GmbH. Bosch TT was not one of many other companies where I wanted to work. It wasn´t a random choice. There have to be a few things that Bosch TT can give me what other companies can´t give me. My intension was to get the best way of education I could choose.

First of all you have to know something about the company to understand why Bosch TT can offer you many possibilities in the employee-market and why Bosch TT could be a good example for a company in Germany which already invest today in their students to get good skilled engineers and workers.

Bosch TT is a 100%-sub-company of the Bosch group. Today the Bosch group has around 402.166 employees worldwide.[1] Bosch TT has approximately 13000 employees (2014).[2] Bosch TT emerged from the takeover and merger of the traditional manufacturers „Buderus Heiztechnik GmbH“ and „Junkers“, which are being continued as brands. Bosch TT achieved sales of 3.4 billion euros in 2017(2014)2.

The company offer an internship (till 2 month) abroad possible, because they have branches worldwide and they stay in contact with each other. You can take the chance and learn many things about how this company works and operate abroad. It´s always a good thing to look outside the box.

You work together with one of the market leaders in heating technology. Bosch TT has a good wealth and their products look very modern. It´s a sign that the company can still present themselves as a strong member of the market with innovative products and ideas.

But that’s not all. Bosch TT is relatively crisis-proof, because Bosch TT GmbH is part of the Bosch group so you can change the branch if something at the market goes wrong. If something happens to the world market, the chance of becoming unemployed is relatively small. Bosch has a diverse product range and is part many industries with products. So if you got unemployed the world market is already broken.

Bosch TT also invest in their young students, because you`ll get a good payment. Furthermore you get your own workstation, laptop and work materials. But you have to organize yourself. They want to see that you are self-reliant.

They can offer a really good chance to build up your own future. Certainly not every company can provide such support, so we should also distinguish between industry and crafts.

In conclusion I think Bosch TT is a good example for a company in Germany, where you can study on a high level. Bosch TT can offer you a wide spectrum of possibilities in the worldwide employee-market. They also invest in their students, so that they can study very comfortable. They also care about their workers and what they could need to work as good as possible. Furthermore if something happens at the global market, then you don´t have to fear that much, because the Bosch group has many different branches where you can join if you want. These arguments showed that Bosch TT already took the chance to recruit young people, know how to motivate and how to integrate them in their company. They can offer a really good chance to build up your own future.

[The author of this article is Alexander Groß. He works at Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH and studies at the BA-Glauchau. He´s a german guy and interested in astronomy and he likes everything about science. Of himself he says: “I always want to think like a proton – always positive.”