Ethical questions of artificial intelligence

Justhin Kliem

The population grows steadily and every time we live we have to solve problems over problems, if it means technical, economical, familiar or interpersonal. People are born to found or develop things, to make the world better and more equal. But what would we do without technology? And what, if this technology would be intelligence?

First of all, to understand the importance of artificial technology, we have to discuss the boundless topic, to take the fear away.
Artificial technology is the combination of human thinking and technical innovation, created to support us in every situation of the daily life. And to illustrate, this means the technology used in the medicine, but it even exists in the military too.

Nevertheless, the aspect of aid is in the focus. As already mentioned, AI was developed to support us, for example to assist in an operation or to check the process.

Robots are accurate, insensible and mostly reliable. Not only in the medicine, even in the manufactures or for example in household grows the role of intelligence technology. They are faster, inexhaustible and if something is broken, you can easy change it.

But I should write sites of sites about the positive things, if I don’t know that even the brightest diamond have faults.
AI replace peoples and workers, displace them from the labor market and destroy workplaces. They need, especially in the medicine and production, a permanently power source to work.

Intelligence technology is bound on equal procedures, isn’t adoptable and need to be controlled. It’s a kind technique, where no boarders exist, which may be a problem for us in the future. There are a lot of functionary’s discussing of a world, governed from robots with an own conscience.
So it’s up to us to locate the technique, because we created and are responsible for them.

To summarize, AI can be very useful but even aggregate. It doesn’t have to be a danger, if we have the aim to be helpful and efficient too.
It’s not a question what technology could do, it is how we use it.

Justhin- Cedric Kliem. He´s a 19 year old student from the BA- Glauchau and works for Kanalbau Brandschutzanlagen GmbH. He wrote this little poem:

Who I am ?

I´m a strong man

I am self-confident

I´m intelligent

I´m intelligent

I´m a crazy and funny person

I am Justhin Kliem 0000000000000