Development of Networking and remote control in future

Florian Below

Digital networking had one of the biggest growth in the modern economy. This process doesn’t only exist in the social media section, but also in the networking of companies with their customers. Smart home is a good example for digitalization in modern society.

Some employees use this technology for controlling and monitoring the technical system at the customers to see what happened there. This technology gives an easy way to prevent a collapse of the system. In cause of a breakdown you can diagnose and maybe introduce the customer how to repair or change the damaged part and keep the system running.
In the time of climate change and high CO2 emission, there is the option of monitoring energy consumption to create statistics and see where the system is ineffective. That way, it is easier to make complex technical systems efficient and reduce CO2 exhaust.

Remote control and smart home are great ways for companies to stay in contact with customers, both of them save time and money with this technology.

Additionally, the spread of mobile internet for smartphones has brought this technology to everybody and has made it easy to use. Providing a fast overview or control of a complex system like an automatically production is nowadays easier than ever with a good Graphic surface.

Of course, the purchase of this technology is more expensive. Fast internet is needed, as well as a server. In addition, every sensor, motor and technical part has to be able to link with a personal computer.

With this technology the complexity is increasing, so it is hard to have a complete overview how it works physically and keep it running. So, the conclusion is that you need more specialized workers who work hand in hand with other occupational groups.The working life is changing depending on automation. So, some work places get lost, but otherwise there will be other, high-specialized professional groups in the technological sector.

This text is from Florian Below. He is 28 years old and stuedies at the BA- Glauchau. He works for AES-System GmbH. He is a genius in the English language.