Fire protection, how save is the job in future

Franz Anton

Modern fire-protection-system works sometimes with foam or gas but mostly with water. Water is non-toxic which means it is not dangerous for humans and machines. If fire is breaking out, the fire-reporting-system will give an alarm and the fire-protection system opens the water, gas or foam pipe fully automatically. Gas-systems are a danger for humans because of the nitrogen they can stifle. Because of that we use them in server rooms or other technical buildings.

Today fire-protection is very important for big companies. After a big fire they mostly have a high financial damage but at first the systems should protect and save the life of the employee.

Older fire-protection-systems are very inefficient. They open the whole cycle and because of that they use more water, gas or foam as they need to clear the fire. In result of that a big part of the building is not destroyed from fire rather from water or foam.

Modern systems open only in the part of the building or in the room where the fire is burning.

In future the system should fight the fire selective. That means a special camera or sensor, for example with an infrared sensor, realizes small temperature differences. In case of a fire, the system uses a special water- or foam cannon which can shoot in all directions.

Fire protection doesn’t just mean gas, foam or water-systems, there are many other types of protection-systems like fire-protection-doors or fire-protection-walls.

There are many different types of fire-protection-doors. The most used doors are the T90 door. This door must withstand 90 minutes the fire and fire-protection-wall use special materials which are badly inflammable.

In my opinion fire-protection is a very save business because fire was in history and will in future be a big danger. Because of this reason I think that all huge companies with many employees and big warehouses must build fire-protection-systems.

Franz Anton wrote this text. He is 19 years old and a student at BA- Glauchau and he works for Kanalbau Brandschutzanlagen GmbH. He´s the one and only and now the prince of Glauchau.