Future of my company

Lucas Leistner

I am employed by an engineering office BBS GmbH which is located in Chemnitz Mittelbach. This is a  company that is specialized in planning sustainable for generation of energy. As an example there are: photo voltaic constructions, heat recovery systems, solar heat, heater in general as well as ventilation. But my colleagues also design thinks like sanitary, electrical engineering, do construction supervision, etc.

 In January 2019 I had my first working day at BBS GmbH. As student it is part of my job to look into the future and find new ideas to increase economical profits along with offering better products and services. In my opinion, the most important thing is to think about the future of our environment! We have to improve green energy. The best way to achieve this is by displace old oil stoves and other uneconomical incinerators. After a certain time, we will be able to lower the pollutant emission. We will build the base of this adjustment by matching important parts affordable.

The first step is to find companies which produces products with very high quality. So we are able to plan and built long-living constructions. Regenerative energy has to be lucrative. The fundamentally challenge of my firm will be the effort to spread this new technology to our customers.

At the moment, we realized this plan, our next point would be to involve other local companies of similar industrial sectors. So at the end it would be very good, if it is possible to strengths the whole area. Today is the time of big industrial companies, that become bigger and bigger. Small, familial and local firms, which have not consumers all around the world, have to close often. In my opinion the major problem is, that their not able to adjust their prices to the industrial ones, because of the private clients. Furthermore there is the issue of the modern job market. Employees of those big companies are well paid, but it is hard for the small ones to keep up with this. For this reasons many people apply for these jobs. So I want to make this industrial sector engaged and commercial for companies and consumers in our area.

In the end there is a chance to help people and environment. In my opinion this would be a good future.

This text is from Lucas Leistner. He is a 19 years old student from the BA-Glauchau and works for BBS GmbH Ingenieurbüro. He vapes like a train and has a massive brain.