Optimization of timing and conditions of work

Dominik Prager and Thomas Neef

What is the dream of every employer?

Sharp, good-mooded and motivated employees and maybe some which he doesn’t have to see all the time:-D

But how can this dream come true?

The answer is quite simple: online workplaces. Obviously it isn’t a work concept for every kind of work, a mechanic can’t repair all of his clients cars while sitting in front of a computer. In case of digitization and globalization many Jobs turned into computer related Office Jobs. That’s why Home Office isn’t a dream any more but a realistic way to optimize the conditions of work.

We are all living in the twenty-first century were digitization and globalization is a part of daily life. Even Facebook or Twitter enable a person to be connected with others all around the world. And that’s necessary, not only for private persons, but also for inventional companies. It’s very important for them to maintain their relationships with other companies to allow themselves to be an active part of the world market. That’s why globalization can’t exist without digitization. But to guarantee this the companies have to take care of some significant parameters. First they have to choose an area or town where a good internet connection is available. The best firm can’t do anything if the connection is really slow. Furthermore, the company has to be present on the internet, which means it’s necessary to work with computers and that includes the opportunity of working at the Home Office.

But what are the advantages of working from home?

Well, there are lots of reasons why companies should reconsider working from home. One of the most important things are flexible working hours. Everybody is different, some of us prefer to work in the morning whilst others prefer to work until late at night. If you have the opportunity to choose your own working hours, you can work when you feel most productive. Of course, you are also more flexible in terms of private appointments for example doctor’s appointment. The more flexible you are the more Stress you can refuse which prevent diseases like the Burnout-Syndrome. Another reason is the comfortability. It’s not necessary to wear formal clothes, because nobody else can see you. You can wear Joggers but beware of becoming too lazy it’s still work and your productivity might suffer.

The most important point is the aspect of saving time and money. 20 minutes in the bathroom, a half an hour drive, that’s nearly an hour, which you can save in the morning instead of wasting it to get ready for work. And after work you have to drive all the way home through annoying traffic jam. If you don’t have to commute you save a lot of time and money for petrol. Just think of what you could do with that time. Sleep a bit longer, go for a walk, start working earlier or whatever else you can imagine.

A lot of money can also be saved with food. Sometimes you go to Cafeteria Fast-Food-Restaurants to get something for lunch, which is often really expensive. If you can have lunch and breakfast or whatever at home you can save a lot of money with preparing your own food.

All these aspects got a nice side effect: saving the environment. The nature will thank you for every litre of petrol you save and in case of climate change we have to think about these things more often.

All in all working from home got a lot of positive aspects and should become more popular. It’s an efficient way of increasing the productivity of employees

This text is written by Domenik Prager. He´s 19 and a student at BA- Glauchau.

Also he loves to eat his cereals with beer instead of milk.

Thomas Neef wrote this text. He´s 20, a student at BA-Glauchau, and works for Thermofin GmbH.

His motto is “A schnitzel a day, keeps the doctor away.”