Self-driving cars – one part of the future from the DB?

Philip Winkler

Monday morning, the new week starts now and your train to work will leaves the train station in 30 min. How cool would it be, if your personal self-driving bus will be waiting for you in front of your house. This idea sounds crazy but now it is real. The DB created in cooperation with the vehicle designer “Easy  Mile”, the TÜV-SÜD and the small city Bad Birnbach the first self-driving bus, which drives from the city to the thermal spring and back without any drivers.

This small bus doesn’t have a steering wheel and an accelerator. Also he drives very silent and he doesn´t need fuel. Only electricity is necessary to power the bus.

 So it is a good way to reduce the global warming, because if no fuel is needed we won’t pollute the environment. And this point is very important for our future life on the planet earth.

Also this little bus doesn’t need a driver. He drives automatically and he follows virtual lines on the street, which are programmed in the board computer. Because of this the DB doesn´t have to pay a driver, which is a good way for the company to save money. Furthermore, it is important to say, that in the start-up phase an assistant will be needed in the bus to act in dangerous situations. So the safety for the passengers is guaranteed.

Another good argument for this project is that the bus will drives every day and every time in the end phase of this project. Therefore, the clients have the possibility to use this bus every time. It doesn´t matter if you arrive at 10 o´clock pm or at 1 o´clock am on the train station. The bus will be there for you.

On the one hand I think this project is a good way to save the environment and on the other hand it´s good way to keep going with new technologies. In my opinion new technologies, for example self-driving cars, will be our future and it is important to develop these techniques.

Phillipp Winkler wrote this text. He´s a 19 years old student at BA-Glauchau and works for DB Service.

It´s told that his shot with a football breaks the sound barrier.