Skilled workers shortage

Marco Winter and Max Melzer

Mr. Winter and me, Mr. Melzer, like to give you our overview of one of the most difficult problems to our company and I like to say for the complete republic of germany. It is in everybody´s mouth but there are not enough solutions to get it away as an important topic of today. To get more precise, we like to clear you up what is skilled worker shortage and his meaning for our society. We tried to localize the main problems in our company and give you a short summary about the main topics.

But first, let us start to the basics. Shortage of skilled workers increases significantly year by year. Studies show that the majority of young people prefer to study rather than do a training, which raises the big problem of why this is so. One site of all is the view from much money, they can get with their jobs, but mostly the students find out for themselves, that studies isn’t their dream to live. Mr. Winter and Me try to localize the problems in our company and find some answers which turned out to be major problems in the shortage of skilled workers.

We find a lot of problems which are interested for this article but we like to structure it in lower and main problems. The first and for us main problem is that more and more construction sites have to be cleared because of the big problem of skilled worker shortages. On this major problem all other lower ones are build of. It remains much longer time to complete the construction site and that carries high costs. When I worked on this site, sometimes I feel like I am on a ghost construction site because the low number of workers there. One notices the reduction also in the number of apprentices, which are steadily decreasing. With all that in mind the company tries to solve these problems but the are many other lower ones which are grow up in there.

One solution from our boss is to get some temporary workers which are also produce a lot of costs like meeting them from their time company and pay their work hours as high as ours. Unfortunately they have not the right qualification for this job add and do only some henchmen works. Some of them also don’t speak our language enough to understand our tasks, they have to do.

Another lower problem is that many workers are in the age to get a child with their wife´s so they go into pregnancy leave for month which is also a big problem for the company and their construction sites. Some others are now complaining about the far too low wage and are no longer motivated to drive on productions site far away every week. When we take all that minds together and get it on one point we have to find many solutions while we are work and study to this ( our) company.

But what can we do to solve this problem? One possibility for a solution is to create a better wage structure. Everyone should earn what is really appropriate for their job. So craftsmen who use their health every day should get more than just the minimum wage. Installation work is very important and indispensable. For this reason, the unbelievable high salary difference between employee and employer is quite unfair. Another option is to pay more tribute to the work of the employees. Praise and recognition greatly increase the work ethic. The input is very low but the results are very high. It is also very important to offer training opportunities. Many people are interested in developing themself and getting their company moving forward. This opportunity not only benefits the employees it also enhance the reputation of the company.

 Flexible working hours are another option to make a job more attractive. If a worker can better plan his daily routine it can reduce stress which can have a positiv effect on the quality of the work.                      

But how realistic is it to realize these solutions? In our opinion it is definitely possible to realize the mentioned points. The benefits are very high for the employees and the employers! Even little things like praises have a big positive influence! The future will show if there have really been changes. But the fact is that without changes, the demand for such necessary jobs is getting lower and this will change the whole market! Prices of products raise because of the decreasing number of companies. These companies will have to many construction sites which are impossible to handle it. We hope we can give you a big overview about the problems we have to solve by time when we start with the end of our study to work on. That you for reading and thinking about this article.

The author of this text is Maximilian Melzer. He is student at the BA-Glauchau and works at Maßalsky. Ever morning he use his bicycle to come to the university.

Marco Winter wrote this text. He works at Maßalsky and studies at the BA-Glauchau. If he comes into the room everyone says: “winter is coming”