Sweco GmbH ~ Globalization

Antonino Montaperto

In times when German companies are getting bigger and bigger, it’s also much more important to find some skilled workers you can trust, for a good division of labor and a mixture of all skills necessary in the industry.
The Sweco GmbH, expanded massively in the past ten years. In the present they are employing 15000 people only in northern Europe, and they are furthermore investing in the stock market for getting bigger.

But, it’s possible to expand without trustworthy employees.

In the case of the Sweco GmbH, most of the company’s new establishment didn’t change so much since when they got bought, for not unsettling the new employee´s.
The strategy is slowly approaching themselves to the new part of the company for the reason that the workers can identify themselves with the founded company they work for. And not to change the whole structure in which they worked maybe for years.

But to be future oriented, the company has to specialize to new technologies and to stay up to date all the time because there are many competitors on the market.
One instrument for that is to train the employees continuous and to employ always new young workers and send them to the university, to train themselves and for the company too. That’s also good for the workers’ motivation confront to the organization.

But its also important, for such a big company to find trustworthy employees. Because of this it’s not too easy to enter the Sweco GmbH, before workers get employed, they have to pass through a lot of tests. This procedure is necessary to get skilled, trustworthy people.

For the employees of the Sweco GmbH, the CEO´s builded an internet platform in which employees all around Germany can share the problems and ask questions while working. So workers can quickly solve problems and also become acquainted with their co-workers and make connections through the system of the corporation.

At the end, it’s important to understand that there are many aspects for a company for success in their industry, not only expansion is a matter but also, good eligible employees which work willingly for the company to be a part of it.

This text is written by Antonino Montaperto. He´s a student at the BA-Glauchau and 21 years old. Originally he comes from Italy and came to Germany to live the german dream.