Christopher Dunst

In today´s world, we regulate our daily life ourself. More and more our life is determine by systems and machines, systems like Alexa or Siri help us to plan our day or regulate our household. Also in our jobs, self-regulation systems and machines will be become more important. Now the systems are regulated by people, but the science is on a good way to build machines and systems, which regulate themselves or even worse ourselves?

What is still possible? What can we make possible?  What can the machines make possible?

We are not able to say what is possible, because it´s too much. In this way we can only say that these is possible a lot. Self-regulated systems are useful in every industry. We can use it in the transport industry, in the production, management and more. And it is also possible to use systems in building- and home- technology.  

The systems are able to control the water and heating technology. Today there are many systems, which regulate something but the programmers were people. It is possible that machines and systems programmed themselves?  Nowadays we have systems, which can programmed themselves to install the latest updates or check their own systems on errors and malfunctions. Can we make artificial intelligence possible?
Someday maybe. There are systems like Alexa or Siri, which show a piece of AI and this shows that the sciences employed with this theme.

The self-regulation systems have a lot of advantages for the future, but would it be a problem for our Jobs? Will the humans be redudant someday?

In my opinion, this is a very interesting thing, and it shows that there are many positive aspects to work and delve on the systems. This could make our day and work easier. I think this might be also good for the environmental, but this is another topic. I also want to warn the science that we should be careful with this topic.

In this text, I ask a lot of question, because there a many question we can´t reply. Also I want to ask you, as a little food for thought. Well, what is your opinion?

This text is written by Christopher Dunst. He´s 24, a student at BA-Glauchau and works for Drechsler Haustechnik GmbH. He loves to dress new sneakers every day.