The future of work

Lucas Geppert

In today’s time the mobile phone is becoming more and more important. Not just in everyday use, but also at work and it offers a lot of potential for the future. Here are some concepts.

The first ones are quite concrete and will be realized in the near future. To start off, I’d like to present an idea, that a subsidiary company of my firm is currently working on. If a mechanic at the workplace is getting into trouble, because he has done a mistake and now has to fix it for example, he calls his boss to get some help. But just talking and describing the situation can sometimes be stressful and difficult. So it would be very nice to have a better option. This option would be glasses, that the worker wears, which contain small cameras. The aim is, that the boss can visually capture, what the problem is. The boss can see, what the worker sees, which makes problem-fixing and the communication between the two of them much easier. The issue is visible to the supervisor and he is able to give exact commands.

The next concept is planned by my company. The project is set to start in May 2019. The topic can be summarized with autonomous maintenance. The machine is equipped with sensors. These sensors measure the condition of the machine and its components (also oil). The data are visible in the „Cloud“. An artificial intelligence will manage the resources like material, tools, service workers and so on to optimize service management. That should result in more reliable machinery. When something regarding the machine is about to be worn, customer and company, responsible workers respectively will be warned with a message to make sure the affected part can be maintained or changed. Relevant information will automatically be collected and some options for better decisions are suggested. A big target for supervision for example is the oil, as it has multiple important tasks.

Overall I have to say, that there is a lot of potential in future ways of work, especially with automation and AI. There is so much I haven’t mentioned concerning these topics, so many concepts I left out and so much to discover in the future. 

This text is from Lucas Geppert. He´s a 18 years old student from the BA- Glauchau and works for works at Galek & Kowald GmbH. He´s the one who comes always to late to class and copies everything for his class.