What makes Leipzig more attractive?

Eva Rückert

Many cities in Germany have the problem that they are trained skilled personnel in their universities or colleges and then the employees move away. A large shortage of skilled workers arises. The facts look different in Leipzig: Leipzig is since 2011 the most grown city, exist 20.595 Jobs for experts in 11.524 companies. More than 275 branches of trade make it diverse. The economic power growth very much. What makes Leipzig so attractive for professionals?
Many companies are relocating to Leipzig and its surroundings. The conditions for the companies are very good: Leipzig has a well infrastructure such as the airport or the direct connection to important freeways. Also, sufficient commercial space and good investment subsidies from the city. Furthermore, old companies are expanding. The many new and expanding companies create new jobs. The industries are modern and have a lot of future. The great diversity appeals to many, especially young people. They come from other regions of Germany to work in Leipzig or stay after their studies. In Leipzig and the surrounding area there are 40000 students who can fill the newly created jobs. The second is that young workers like to stay, because in Leipzig a very good work- life balance is possible. In today’s world, where things are getting more and more stressful and hectic, this fact is very important. Leipzig has many lakes where you can swim and relax in summer. There is also a leisure park and many cultural activities such as concerts, museums and monuments. In numerous pubs, you can relax after working with friends. Leipzig is also a very family-friendly city, so that workers no longer have to choose between work and family. With a large selection of kindergartens and schools, children are in good hands. In conclusion, Leipzig offers good opportunities for all skilled workers to continue their education. Through university Leipzig, LEB Sachsen or online courses they can improve their skills.
All in all it’s a very nice city with many opportunities and powerful companies with a future. I live and work myself in Leipzig and this city is really beautiful. A large selection of companies will probably keep me in Leipzig in the future as well.

The author of this text is Eva Rückert. She is 19 years old and student at the BA-Glauchau and works at S&P Sahlmann Planungsgesellschaft für Gebäudetechnik mbH. She is from Leipzig likes to sail and meeting friends.