Where starts shortage?

Damon Walther

After school, you can do anything you want, but what is the right for you? With a good certificate you can start a training, study or you take a break and work all over the wold. The offer is nearly endless and every line of business need young professionals. In addition, people without a leaving-school qualification have many sectors where they can work. Some stores need help every time, but it is possible to get a qualification every time.

After school, you have many ways to go. You can do nearly everything, but all websites or flyer are only a theoretical picture off your work after school. Some schools have a practical part, where you can look in some companies or you can do some simple practical work. Mostly you can do some technical work, for example you work with CNC or do some tasks with wood, but this is not at every school possible. You learn normally only theoretical facts and nothing about the work after school. With a training after school you can expect the site of work and you can combine theory with practical work. For that you need a plan after school and to know what you want. With good marks in school, is it easier to find a training or a university for Study. Good marks aren’t a sign for practical competence or the ability in your dream job. If you have a plan then you have the next choice. Study? Dual-Study? Or a Training? All that choices are possible.

A good solution to combine practical and theoretical work is a dual system in my opinion. You can apply that what you learn with your practical part. The crossing from school to work is fluid. The theoretical parts have the character of a school-day and in the company you have the chance to use your new obtained knowledge for practical tasks.

This text is written by Damon Walther. He is a 20 years old student at the BA-Glauchau and works at LST Chemnitz. His english is terrible.